IT Consulting

A Wealth of Industry Experience on your Side

When you need advice on IT choices within your business, you want to ensure that you get solid guidance from professionals who understand both IT and the unique needs of your business. Our IT consultation service is in place to provide you and your business with the IT advice and expertise to ensure that you make the right choices as you grow.

Not every business needs a dedicated IT department, and indeed in many cases, it’s far more cost-effective to engage us at Mesa IT in a once off or recurring consulting role. We offer on-call and reliable consulting for your business and are always on hand to offer our IT consultation services.

Our goal is always to provide the advice, guidance and tailored solutions to meet the needs of your business at every stage. Whether we are working with your business to provide IT consultation as part of your managed IT services or you are engaging us as your ongoing IT consultant, we will get the right advice to you at the right price.

For managed solutions and once off IT consulting, you can trust Mesa IT.


How Mesa IT Can Help

When you engage a consultant for your business, you are enlisting the specialised help of an industry expert to solve a problem in the most cost-effective way. At Mesa IT, we provide the necessary information and guidance as part of an IT consultation to allow you to diagnose problems and solve problems, and to move forward with a new IT solution.

We can help you with:

    Software reviews and advice
    Cloud readiness assessment and guidelines
    Tech budgets and projections
    Industry compliance assessment
    Once-off consulting
    Software reviews
    Cloud accounting and information


Our Managed IT Solutions

When you combine our IT consultation with our other managed solutions, you will enjoy security and trust in your IT like never before. Perhaps you’re the type of business where your computers or server simply cannot afford to be offline, or maybe you see the value in investing in managed IT services as a cost-effective way to ensure a guaranteed response to problems in a fast and efficient manner.

Whatever the reason for investing in managed IT, our customers report high levels of satisfaction and ongoing confidence in the performance of their IT department.

Get in touch with our team today on 1800 MESA IT (1800 637 248) and find out more about IT consultation and managed IT services for your business.

Focusing at Work

The Importance of IT Consulting

Are you a new business looking to make some critical decisions regarding your IT strategy?

Maybe you’re at the next level with your business, and it’s time to upgrade your IT systems?

No matter what stage you’re at, our IT consultants can help with an in-depth IT consultation which uncovers your goals, aims and future needs. We then create and deliver a customised solution for your IT best practice.

Why would you try and make a decision about your IT purchases or updates without consulting with an expert? Allow us to help you save time and money with your IT purchasing and draw on our industry knowledge and experience.

Office Consultation

Grow Your Business with IT Consulting

We offer scalable, manageable and thorough solutions for your business and believe in identifying potential problems before they become a risk to your productivity or your business’ trade and operations. Our team are all experts in their fields with a range of experience in IT support, IT consultation and managed IT services.

We are based in Brisbane but have clients Australia-wide. We are proud to bring our skill and insights to your business and would love the opportunity to develop your business with you or take your service offering to the next level.

Our IT consultation is provided in synchronicity with our other managed IT services and we do offer a holistic suite of services for the start-up business all the way through to enterprises and global corporations.

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